Research and Statistics

Our research and statistics reports provide an overview of the qualifications sector by documenting skills gaps and qualification availability, analysing trends and reporting on the key players in the industry. They are relevant to a range of awarding bodies, standards setting organisations and other stakeholders.


We carry out research that informs and drives our operational activity. The type of research conducted is generally small scale, lasting less than one year. These often include questionnaires, surveys and consultations with our stakeholders.

You can see our current research schedule, download final reports, view live questionnaires and keep up to date with progress throughout the year.

A summary of past research projects and their outputs are also available.


We regularly publish a range of statistical reports that provide up-to-date information about our accredited qualifications.

We collect uptake data from each approved awarding body on a quarterly basis and publish a report each quarter on the performance of our accredited qualifications. At the end of the financial year, a summary of annual uptake is also published.

Every month we publish a listing report of all of our current accredited qualifications. This report includes awarding body and qualification developer information, accreditation dates and product type.

A list of qualifications due to lapse and finish each month is also published.